MSC Software India is pleased to invite you to the 2018 MSC Software Simulating Reality Conference, scheduled on 4th & 5th September, 2018 at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai. This single largest event for the MSC community, attracts a large high quality audience comprising of Company Executives, Business & Engineering Managers, CAE Specialists, Product Development professionals, Designers and Academicians, and Partners from a wide spectrum of industries.


Agenda- Day1
08:00 09:00 Registration
Venue: Rajendra 1, Rajendra 2, Rajendra 3
09:00 09:15 Welcome Sridhar Dharmarajan, Managing Director- Indo Pacific Region, MSC Software Corp.
09:15 09:45 MSC: Towards the Future Paolo Guglielmini, President & CEO, MSC Software Corp.
09:45 10:30 Industry Keynote Address
Optimization Driven Product Development
Dr. Sarma Akella Senior General Manager - CAE, CFD and Methods Development, Mahindra & Manindra Ltd.
10:30 11:00 Look Who's Driving - The Future of Autonomous Mobility Luca Castignani,  Autonomous Driving Strategist, MSC Software Corp.
11:00 11:30 Break
11:30 12:10 Integrated Simulation & Optimization Dr. Shiva Padmanabhan, Director- FE Development, MSC Software Corp.
Vidya Shankar, Director- MSC Apex , MSC Software Corp.
12:10 12:40 The Path to Faster than Real-time Ian Hogg, Product Manager – Systems Dynamics, MSC Software Corp.
12:40 13:00 Partner Presentation: Trends & Applications in Additive Manufacturing Abhishek Kalra
Manager - Application Consultancy, Altem Technologies
13:00 14:00 Lunch
14:00 14:20 Spreading the Science of Sound Dr. Jean-Louis Migeot, Founder, Free Field Technologies MSC Company
14:20 14:40 Customer Presentation
Engineering Sound: Putting Theory in to Practice
Group Manager - CAE, Royal Enfield
14:40 15:10 Manufacturing for the Future Stefan Zimmer
Global Sales Director, Simufact
15:10 15:30 Partner Presentation: Go off-road! Realistic vehicle roll-over and soft-soil mobility simulations using the Adams-EDEM coupling Sophie Broad
Senior EDEM Engineer, DEM Solutions
15:30 16:00 Break
16:00 16:30 Predictable Material behavior and Safer Light-weighting Dr. Roger Assaker, CEO, e-Xstream engineering and Chief Material Strategist, MSC Software Corp.
16:30 16:50 Computational Fluid Dynamics & Beyond Ramesh Adoni, Director- Strategic Sales, MSC Software Corp.
16:50 17:40 Panel Discussion: What’s Next for the Indian Automotive Industry?
An Elite Panel from Automotive OEMs and Suppliers
Moderator: Syam Sunder
Director - Technology & BD, Indo-Pacific, MSC Software
17:40 17:45 Day 2: Curtain Raiser Bhavaneesh Athikary
Manager, Automotive Business Development, MSC Software



Agenda- Day 2
Venue: Rajendra 1, Rajendra 2, Rajendra 3
09:30 09:40 Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Preview Sridhar Dharmarajan,
Managing Director- Indo Pacific Region, MSC Software
09:40 10:00 Partner Presentation: Integrated Simulation Solution for Automotive Paint Shop Processes Karl Felbauer
Chief Marketing Officer, Engineering Software Steyr GmbH
10:00 10:45 Industry Keynote Address: Simulating Reality Dr. V Sumantran
Chairman, Celeris Technologies, Advisor to Fortune 100 Companies
10:45 11:00 Curtain Raiser to Technical Paper Tracks Dr. Kaustubh Nande
Director - Marketing, MSC Software
11:00 11:30 Break
    Systems Dynamics Track- Rajendra 1 Structures Track- Rajendra 2 New Technologies Track- Rajendra 3
11:30 13:00 6 Papers of 15 Mins each 6 Papers of 15 Mins each Guru Speak- A Global Perspective on Materials Engineering by Dr. Roger Asaker
4 Papers of 15 Mins each (CFD & Acoustics)
13:00 14:00 Lunch
14:00 14:30 Guru Speak- A Global Perspective on System Dynamics Simulation by Ian Hogg Guru Speak: When F ≠ Ku: A Global Perspective on Perspective on Non-linear FE by Dr. Shiva Padmanaban Guru Speak: Aero-Acoustics - Challenging new frontiers by Dr. Jean-Louis Migeot, and Ramesh Adoni
14:30 15:45 5 Papers of 15 Mins each 5 Papers of 15 Mins each 5 Papers of 15 Mins each (Digimat)
15:45 16:00 Break
16:00 17:00 4 Papers of 15 Mins each 4 Papers of 15 Mins each Guru Speak- A Global Perspective on Manufacturing Simulation by Stefan Zimmer
3 Papers of 15 Mins each
17:00 17:15 Break & Reassembing in main hall
17:15 17:45 Awards & Closing Session